I’m Paulo J. Amaral, and I’m running for Fall River City Council.


amaral_site_iconI’m an independent political outsider with no affiliation to anyone in city government. I’m running for City Council because I have long felt there is a continual lack of transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility among Fall River’s elected officials.  We have an obligation to ensure that Fall River is on the right path to success and prosperity for all current and next generation citizens. This means we must be fiscally responsible with taxpayer money and ensure constituents are getting the most out of their local government as a result.
I will advocate for you and make decisions with your perspectives in mind, with particular emphasis on our city’s homeowners, landlords, and small business owners. I will seek out and support ideas that will lessen your tax burden. I am committed to the hardworking people of this city. Click on the various links on this website to find out more about me and my views.

Thank you,
Paulo J. Amaral